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He Makes A Fabulous Rustic Shelf Full Of Charm that will Looks Awesome With Any Decor!

If you’re having trouble finding ways to bring some charm into your home decor pieces like This kind of are quite unique along with also charming. Once you have some wood pallets you can quickly turn them into some impressive projects with ease.

A shelf like This kind of one is usually a definitely great place to start…especially when This kind of costs you almost nothing to make. Since pallet wood can easily be found behind buildings in business districts or even stacked beside dumpsters.

producing furniture through re-claimed wood pallets will definitely save you money. Why buy expensive items for your home, when you can find all kinds of fabulous DIY projects on Pinterest to transform your decor.

You can easily make This kind of great pallet wood shelf along with also various other cool decor items on your own. producing furniture for your home is usually not difficult either, especially if you get your husband or boyfriend involved. Most men love to get involved in projects.

One of the easiest projects that will you can complete with scrapped pallet wood are picture frames. These are great rustic style pieces, along with also with just a little bit of paint or stain, you can quickly create a very desirable, rustic looking custom photo frame . You can easily sell these for around $10 to $15 each if you want to make some extra money.

Another great scrap wood project that will will only take a couple of hours are planters or raised garden boxes. If you’re living in a suburban area, garden boxes are great projects that will will often bring premium prices. Best of all, you can often build them in just a few hours.

Watch how Jonathan Mutchler makes This kind of charming shelf in his step by step tutorial.

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