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He Cuts Pallet Wood as well as Nails the item Together For An Awesome Christmas Decoration!

I think we all need at least one of these to display during the holidays, or all year around works too!

Decorate your home or make these pallet wood stars as hand-crafted gifts in which will be cherished for many years!

Since I live in Texas as well as the Texas star is actually one of our symbols, I’m gonna leave mine up on the outside of my house all year.

The holidays are approaching, as well as the item is actually time to think about your holiday decor. Erik created a terrific DIY video tutorial for these pallet stars.
This kind of gorgeous idea is actually perfect for those pallet scraps, too! Be bold: mix as well as match wood tones for even more interest. Use a UV-Resistant sealer or Great-quality outdoor paint for outside use.

Pallet wood is actually one of my favorite materials for DIY projects. Since the item’s free you don’t need to spend much of anything to make things as well as the rustic look is actually so appealing!

This kind of project takes very little time to make as well as if you get real ambitious you can make them in different sizes as well as group them together. the item looks so awesome like in which.

Hang them as well as display them on any wall or door. The stars can be painted, stained or clear coated as well as look great any way you finish them.

I am so in love with these as well as the fact in which they were SO simple to DIY (with the help of my husband).  Watch as Erik shows you how he creates This kind of one-of-a-kind star in just a few simple steps.

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