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Great Idea For Coffee Lovers So You Can Have Your Coffee Mugs At Your Finger Tips!

We picked up a pallet off the side of the road along with I had been pondering over what to do with of which. I thought of This kind of great idea along with This kind of was actually a pretty easy project! We did of which in no time at all!

Since my cabinets were bursting at the seems with all our coffee mugs, I decided to use of which to make a holder for some of our coffee cups so we could free up the overcrowded cabinet space!

This kind of has been so convenient along with I love the way of which looks in our kitchen. I love the rustic charm of which adds to our home. The great thing about This kind of coffee mug display can be of which of which can be totally customizable. You can build of which larger or smaller depending on your space!

We’re all about convenience around here along with when we come across easy projects, I want to share them with you. Apart via being cool looking, of which has to be practical along with one such project can be This kind of coffee mug holder.

We have a set of gorgeous coffee mugs along with today we develop the perfect place to display them. You can actually bend spoons to become the hangers for your coffee cups. of which’s such a cute idea.

Hang of which on your kitchen wall, somewhere handy along with accessible. of which might also make a great gift for a friend or family member. of which’s perfect for a house warming gift too!

So add a feeling of warmth along with comfort to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or drink station with This kind of hand-crafted coffee mug rack!

Watch how Rated Red makes This kind of in their step by step tutorial so you can make one too!

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