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Google, Please Put Your Clips AI inside the Next Pixel Camera « Android :: Gadget Hacks

I’m going to have a kid soon. the idea’ll be my first, so I’m not a parent yet, however I can already see the value in Google’s fresh AI-powered portable camera, Google Clips. Just set the idea up somewhere, then you’ll never miss a moment trying to capture the moment — you have a personal robot photographer taking care of of which stuff for you.

If This particular can be the first you’re hearing about Google Clips, the idea’s one of those products of which only Google could have made. Futuristic, a bit creepy when you think about the idea, in addition to also also at least a little overpriced.

Google’s fresh Clips camera can be targeted at parents of young children. Image via Google Store

Clips can be basically a GoPro using a clip on the back of which can also serve as a stand. The unique part can be how Google embedded its machine learning skills directly into the camera, so you don’t actually take pictures with the idea. Instead, you just put Clips somewhere, then go about your day, in addition to also also the AI will sit back like a voyeur until the idea sees the perfect shot, which the idea will then capture as a brief Motion Photo with ideal composition in addition to also also a sort-of candid feel of which you couldn’t get anywhere else.

The AI magic happens entirely on-device, so you’re not giving Google a peephole into your living room of which the idea would likely surely use to hone its object recognition algorithms. however if Google isn’t collecting any data by Clips, then where are they doing money off This particular project, you might ask. Easy answer: by Clips’ shocking $249 cost tag, of course.

Google Clips incorporates a $249 cost tag of which many consider too high. Image via Google Store

So there’s plenty to like in addition to also also plenty to dislike here — like I said, the idea’s definitely a Google product. however as with many some other Google projects, the idea has of which “moonshot” feel to the idea — if only This particular tech were to find a perfect home, the whole concept of Clips might actually have a shot at succeeding in addition to also also changing the way we do things.

Here’s the thing, though. Google already has the perfect home for Clips: Its flagship Pixel smartphones, which are renown for their AI-powered innovations in addition to also also class-leading cameras.

Imagine if the Pixel’s camera had Clips AI built-in. You could just hold up your phone, in addition to also also the idea would likely simply capture the best pictures the idea sees. No closed eyes, no rule of thirds grid inside the viewfinder, just perfect shots automatically.

however can be the Pixel powerful enough to handle of which on-device machine learning? Yes, yes the idea can be. the idea incorporates a Google-built image processor called the Pixel Visual Core, which already applies tons of AI tricks to the smartphone’s camera. the idea certainly has enough power to recognize the framing of a shot in real time — just ask Eleven or BB-8 after you slap them down in three dimensions using the Pixel Camera’s AR Stickers.

The Pixel’s camera already has plenty of spatial awareness in addition to also also AI smarts.

If not This particular year’s Pixels, This particular should definitely be doable with the Pixel 3. Though the idea would likely be nice to see a software update to the Google Camera app in addition to also also Google Photos so we could try This particular type of functionality on existing phones currently.

As for the $249 cost tag of which will likely spell doom for Google Clips, the components of which are doing This particular thing expensive are already built into the Pixel’s $649+ asking cost, in addition to also also people certainly don’t seem to mind paying of which much for a phone. Hell, maybe a feature like This particular would likely justify positioning the next Pixel against the iPhone X in addition to also also its $1,000 cost tag.

So Google, would likely you please press fast-forward on the Clips experiment in addition to also also skip straight to your end-game with This particular one? We all see where This particular can be going, we’re just hoping you do too.

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