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Google Assistant 101: How to Use Lens to Copy Text Straight coming from a Book or Document « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While certainly faster than writing by hand, manually typing passages coming from a book or document can be slow as well as frustrating. yet thanks to Google Assistant, This particular is actually no longer the case. Whether you need to quote text for an essay or need to win an online argument, all you need to do is actually point your phone’s camera at the paper as well as tap a few times.

This particular is actually all made possible thanks to Google Lens, which is actually currently built right into the Google Assistant for Android devices. The excellent AI by Google picks up words out of a snapshot for easy copy/pasting. While the feature also lets you do much more than which, when you just need to take words coming from the page as well as put them on your phone or transfer them over to your laptop, Lens will save you time as well as energy.

To begin, launch Google Assistant by long-pressing your home button, then tap the Lens button inside bottom right. When the camera boots up, just focus as well as tap on an area of the text you’d like to copy. Lens will highlight as well as analyze the area for a moment before loading up any information the item can about the text. You can tap on any of the bubbles below if Lens has picked up something of interest to you, yet to copy text, just ignore them all.

Instead, tap on a portion of the text which you’d like to select. Lens will open the selector tool, as well as will automatically highlight a selection of the text. Of course, you can alter the parameters of This particular selection at any time by dragging the blue left as well as right corners as you see fit. You can also tap on another area of the text entirely.

When you’re satisfied with your text selection, you can simply tap “Copy” to copy the text to your device’s clipboard.

With your text copied, jump into any app you’d like (we’re in Google Docs below), then long-press where you want the text to be, as well as select “Paste.” Keep in mind, the copied texts might not be perfect — Google may miss some words, especially if you’re book’s formatting is actually odd or the page wasn’t clear in all areas. However, the item should prove much faster than typing whole passages by hand. Just make sure to cite your sources.

If you’re writing a report or various other assignment on your computer, just do the same above, then send yourself a message with the pasted text or sync the item with various other apps you use like Google Docs or whatever. There are many different routes you can take to get the item coming from your phone to your laptop or desktop.

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