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Galaxy S9+ Camera Beats Pixel 2 & iPhone X with Highest DxOMark Score Ever « Android :: Gadget Hacks

DxOMark, an independent camera reviewer, has become the go-to place where consumers along with also OEMs alike wish for Great camera scores on major fresh smartphones. The Google Pixel 2 has topped the charts since Oct. 2017, when the score no doubt helped pull the phone out via its troubled launch, nevertheless This particular has just been dethroned by the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which received the highest DxOMark score yet.

The Galaxy S9+ received an overall score of 99 points, one point better than the Pixel 2, along with also two better than Apple’s iPhone X. The cumulative score is actually made up by a variety of subscores awarded via various DxOMark tests, which means the end result isn’t out of 100. Just to be clear, DxOMark is actually not saying the S9 is actually near-perfect that has a score of 99.

The Overall score is actually not a weighted sum of the sub-scores. This particular is actually a proprietary along with also confidential mapping of sub-scores into a combined score. The Overall score is actually also not capped at 100. which just happens to be where some of the best devices are currently.

— DxOMark
Image via DxOMark

With the Galaxy S9+, the emphasis was on its excellent photo abilities. According to DxOMark’s checklist, the S9+’s photo perks are:

  • Noise is actually very well-controlled in all conditions
  • Fairly Great detail in outdoor along with also indoor shooting conditions
  • Quite fast along with also accurate autofocus
  • Bright along with also vivid colors in most situations
  • Excellent resolution when zooming up to 4x magnification
— DxOMark

As Great as This particular news is actually for Samsung, This particular isn’t necessarily a crushing defeat. The Galaxy S9+ only beat out the Pixel 2 by one point, so if you possess the latest Google phone, don’t feel you need to trade This particular in just yet. The same goes for any iPhone owners, or anyone who has purchased a phone which tops DxOMark’s list — This particular isn’t the end-all-be-all for camera greatness, just one measure.

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