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Galaxy S8 Oreo Update: Samsung Keyboard Gets an Overhaul in Android 8.0 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Oreo Beta for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 as well as S8+ is actually official as well as available to download on your device. right now in which we develop the update in hand, we’ve began detailing several of the alterations as well as features. We’ve already looked at the fresh Notification Channels functionality, so in This kind of post, we’ll take a look at several improvements to Samsung’s stock keyboard.

While some Android users prefer to install third-party keyboards on their device, Samsung’s default keyboard includes a loyal following among Galaxy fans. from the past, one of my main gripes with the Samsung keyboard was the inaccuracy of predictive text as well as swipe to type — nevertheless in which’s all changing.

With This kind of update, Samsung has improved upon the overall accuracy, as well as even provided a resizing option to tailor the keyboard to your liking. The ability to resize allowed me to get more accurate results as well as also improved upon the comfort level for daily use.

On Oreo, you can expect a plethora of fresh emojis with Emoji 5.0 support embedded directly into the keyboard. If you’ve been dying to send a zebra or pretzel emoji, This kind of will surely make your day. Along with the fresh emoji comes proper support for inserting GIFs directly through the keyboard. Google has featured native GIF support on Gboard for quite awhile, so This kind of’s Great to see Samsung integrate This kind of.

If emoji as well as GIFs aren’t your thing, Samsung also added several productivity enhancements to their keyboard. You can right now access a full clipboard with photo previews at the top — This kind of icon is actually located just to the right of the GIFs. Typing quickly is actually important when you’re working on a phone, as well as the four fresh high contrast themes can help with in which. All of the high contrast themes are easy to see from the dark as well as separate the keyboard into distinct parts, allowing the user to visualize functionality by colour.

This kind of definitely looks to be Samsung’s biggest keyboard update in quite some time. Improvements in usability as well as accuracy combined with several features make This kind of one to look forward to. If you develop the Oreo Beta on your S8, let us know about your experience with the keyboard from the comments!

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