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Galaxy S8 Oreo Update: brand-new Home Screen Features Coming in Android 8.0 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While millions eagerly await the stable Android 8.0 Discharge for the Galaxy S8, the beta can be already inside wild along with readily available. Notable improvements include notification channels along with the revamped Samsung keyboard. One aspect often overlooked are brand-new customization options, a huge part of Android. Let’s take a look at what’s brand-new for customization on the S8’s home screen in Oreo.

Samsung has recently fell in love with colorization of their UI. One of the earliest Galaxy S8 updates This kind of year brought the option to choose custom colors for the navigation bar. With Samsung Experience 9.0, we contain the introduction of a full shade picker for folders on the home screen. The option to choose a custom shade appears as a icon inside top-right of the expanded folder.

This kind of can be worth noting that will not every shade can be available if you are using a custom theme. With the default theme enabled, you can pick through any shade on the shade wheel, yet dark themes may restrict your choices to black or grey, for example. You can also change the opacity of the shade, see a list of recommended colors for your theme, along with view your recent shade history.

The various other important change to the desktop can be the arrival of Oreo’s app shortcuts. If you’re a former iOS user, you will recognize This kind of as similar to 3D Touch on the iPhone. Each app can be allowed up to 5 contextual shortcuts, accessible by long-pressing on the app icon. Apps will need to be updated to add support because of This kind of brand-new feature, yet many already have.

For YouTube, users can jump straight to their Subscriptions page or check out what’s trending. In common social media apps, such as Twitter clients, you can launch directly into composing a brand-new tweet, direct message, or search. inside case that will you don’t want one of the shortcuts to appear, you can remove This kind of easily using the menu. Here you will also find the ability to select multiple options by tapping Select Multiple .

Aesthetic modifications aren’t always the most important, yet they are what you’re looking at all day when using your smartphone. The custom folder shade along with app shortcut options allow users to set up their home screen to reflect their own personality along with usage patterns. Let us know inside comments if you’ve spotted any various other home screen customization options in Samsung’s Oreo beta. If you still want to grab the beta for your phone, be sure to check out our how-to guide.

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