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Galaxy S8 Official Android Oreo Update Leaked — Here’s What’s completely new « Android :: Gadget Hacks

in which’s been nearly two months since Samsung kicked off the official Galaxy S8 beta program for Android Oreo. The Korean maker recently announced in which the beta is usually ending on January 15, so in which’s time to move on to the official build. Today, an official (non-beta) build of Oreo for the S8 has leaked.

With beta testing coming to a close, in which’s quite likely we will see the stable Oreo update roll out in late January. Yesterday, a Reddit user posted a link to an official Oreo OTA build for the Galaxy S8. in which is usually very important to note in which in which leaked build is usually only for the Snapdragon variants of the S8.

The build can be sideloaded, yet your device must be on the Nougat build ending in BQL1 to do so. If your S8 or S8+ is usually not currently on BQL1, you can use Samsung’s Odin tool to flash in which build. After your device is usually running on BQL1, you can sideload build CRA1 in recovery, which is usually the official Oreo update.

Below, we’ll go over what’s changed between the last beta as well as today’s leaked official build. If you need to get yourself up to speed on all the improvements coming in Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8 as well as S8+, make sure to check out our full rundown of the features in which were added within the early beta builds.

Altered Boot Screen

After all 5 beta updates, there aren’t a ton of completely new features or improvements within the completely new stable build. One little change to note upon booting up is usually the completely new “Powered by Android” text on the boot screen. The text is usually a bit bolder than before, yet nothing else has changed with the logo.

Old boot screen (left) vs completely new boot screen (right). Image by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

Dolby Atmos Support

By far the biggest change within the official build, Samsung brings Dolby Atmos support to the Galaxy S8 series. Dolby Atmos can be found within the Quick Setting tiles right now. The software fine-tunes EQ settings as well as offers surround emulation when the user is usually wearing headphones. There are a total of four different presets to choose by – Auto, Movie, Music, as well as Voice.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug with toggling Atmos on as well as off. Once the feature is usually toggled on in Quick Settings, in which cannot be turned off. Even worse, after our initial testing, in which appears in which Dolby Atmos makes no difference whatsoever in sound quality.

in which’s possible in which Samsung didn’t mean because of in which feature to be available within the final Oreo build. Users on XDA are speculating in which in which’s something Samsung intended to add to TouchWiz/Samsung Experience with the Discharge of the Galaxy S9. We’re guessing the Atmos toggle will be completely absent once in which final Oreo build releases to the public.

Lock Screen Adaptive coloration right now the Default

We wrote a detailed piece about Samsung’s completely new Adaptive coloration feature in Android Oreo. The feature simply matches your lock-screen clock with the coloration of your wallpaper. No doubt, in which is usually a simple feature yet also a very nice touch.

(1) Galaxy S8 Official Build. (2) Note 8 Beta Build. (3) Adaptive coloration Preview.

In in which completely new Oreo build, Adaptive coloration is usually right now enabled by default for the lock screen clock. On previous beta builds, the coloration-matching was an optional toggle within the Settings menu. The Adaptive coloration option can still be toggled off, yet in which option right now appears only on the lock screen preview screen. in which is usually a logical step, as users can right now see how the adaptive coloration matching will look when applying a completely new wallpaper.

Overall, the improvements in in which stable build are not groundbreaking by any means. The Dolby Atmos support would certainly be a great feature, yet in which’s obviously not quite ready. The most noteworthy thing about in which leaked build is usually how very close we are to the official OTA rolling out. Let us know your experience if you decide to flash the update. If sideloading isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for the stable Discharge within the next few weeks!

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Cover image as well as screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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