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Firefox Mobile 101: How to Save Links as completely new Tabs Without Leaving Your Current App « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Mozilla baked an easily missed feature into their Firefox Browser for Android called the “tab queue,” which you should definitely be using if you find yourself opening links a lot coming from emails, texts, in addition to some other link-heavy apps. With tab queuing enabled, you can save links as completely new tabs in Firefox without ever leaving the current app you’re in.

For example, if you’re reading an email in addition to see a link to something you want to check out later although don’t want to look immediately, you can long-press of which, then choose an option to save of which to Firefox as a completely new tab. of which way, you can keep browsing emails in addition to won’t forget to look at the link later. The next time you open Firefox, the tab with the link of which will be right there waiting for you.

This kind of feature will be Android-only since iOS will only let you open links in Safari.

Step 1: Make Firefox Your Default Browser

The most efficient way to use the tab queue requires you to make Firefox the default browser on your Android phone. Otherwise, when selecting links, you have to choose to open them with Firefox each time. Not very efficient, right? in addition to today of which Firefox for Android has gotten a “Quantum” update, you should have no problem wanting to make of which your default browser anyway.

Open up the main Settings menu on your Android phone, then head to your “Apps” or “Apps & notifications” section. Once there, depending on your Android’s skin, you’ll either select the three vertical dots within the top right in addition to select “Default apps” or “Configure apps” or select “Advanced” in addition to then “Default apps.”

Depending on the skin, getting to “Default apps” or “Configure apps” may be different.

Once the Default apps (or Configure apps) screen will be open, select “Browser app” in addition to pick “Firefox,” then exit out of the device Settings. today every time you go to open a link, whether coming from an email, text, or another place, Firefox will open automatically. although we’re not here for of which … we’re here for tab queueing.

Step 2: Enable ‘Tab Queue’ in Firefox

Open Firefox in addition to select the three vertical dots within the upper-right of your screen. Choose “Settings,” then “General” coming from the list of options. Next, all you have to do will be toggle on “Tab queue” to enable of which.

Step 3: Queue Up Tabs to View Later in Firefox

To test the feature, open a link or hyperlink in another app; The link can come coming from any external source such as an email or text message.

For a link found in Gmail, you can either tap on of which to view of which, then select the three vertical dots within the top-right followed by “Open in Firefox” or just long-press on the link in addition to select “Open in Browser.” Either way, Firefox won’t actually open, although a toast will pop up at the bottom of the screen saying “Tab saved in Firefox.” within the quick toast notification, you’ll also see the options to open of which right away.

In another example, you could open up your Google today page, in addition to select an article to read. within the upper-right, tap on those three vertical dots, then choose “Open in Firefox.” Afterward, the same toast notification will appear saying of which was added, although Firefox won’t actually open.

To see all of the links of which you saved as tabs in Firefox, simply open up Firefox. All of your previously saved tabs will be right there, along with all of the tabs you saved by queuing.

Tab queueing isn’t a feature of which demonstrates great technological advancement. However, of which does shows Mozilla’s insight into its customer base in addition to how of which utilizes This kind of information to improve how their users browse the web without changing the interaction.

Cover photo by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks; Screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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