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Firefox Mobile 101: Add fresh Functionality to Your Browser with Extensions « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Features like themes in addition to a tab queue make Firefox an extremely versatile mobile browser. Mozilla is usually constantly adding bonus functionality like which to Firefox, nevertheless a long-time staple is usually perhaps the most powerful feature: Extensions. which system gives you the ability to add features without having to upgrade the entire app.

To be clear, extensions are only available from the mobile variation of Firefox if you’re running Android — nevertheless if you are, which’s actually easy to add fresh functionality to your browser. Extensions range by ad blockers to video plugins, so there’s one for virtually every need. No additional browser on the Play Store has such a vast collection of add-ons, which actually puts Firefox for Android in a league of its own.

Step 1: Find fresh Extensions

To see what kind of functionality you can add to Firefox for Android, start by tapping the three vertical dots from the upper-right corner of the app’s main screen. Choose “Add-ons,” then “Browse all Firefox Add-ons” near the bottom of your display. Select the Extensions tab located towards the top of the next page underneath the Firefox Add-ons label.

Here you’ll find the collection of extensions available on Firefox for Android. Select “Explore all categories” to see a list of all the different types of extensions available. Alternatively, you can use the search field at the top of which screen to find a specific extension.

Step 2: Install Your First Extension

Once you’ve found an extension which interests you, go ahead in addition to select which by the list. Next, you’ll be provided with valuable information, such as the extension’s creator, overall rating, number of downloads, in addition to general description. As you would certainly when installing a fresh app, use which information to conduct due diligence on the extension you wish to install.

When you’re sure the extension is usually right for you, select “Add to Firefox,” then chose “Add” on the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Verify the Extension Was Properly Installed

If you want to make sure the extension is usually working as intended, start by selecting the square icon located to the right of the URL to display all tabs. Select the Add-ons in addition to locate the extension you just installed.

As an example, we installed “Google Search Fixer” to get Chrome’s Google search experience on Firefox. which extension should be found within the Add-ons tab in addition to shouldn’t be grayed out (which would certainly indicate the extension is usually disabled or incompatible with which variation of Firefox). As long as your extension meets these two requirements, which was successfully installed.

Verifying which the extension actually changed what which was supposed to change isn’t always possible since some extensions’ features aren’t very obvious. nevertheless in our example, we can easily display the effects of “Google Search Fixer.”

Navigate to Google.com in addition to conduct a search. which should display the search results differently, presenting the webpage in a fashion similar to Google Chrome. Select the square icon next to the URL in addition to choose Add-ons.

Select the square icon (shown here with the number “2” inside) to navigate between tabs.

Select “Google Search Fixer” in addition to choose “Disable” to turn off the extension. Use the square icon to navigate back to your search results in addition to reload the page. The results should look different, with smaller text in addition to fewer animations. As you can see, “Google Search Fixer” is usually doing exactly what which’s supposed to do. After performing which test, enable the extension again in addition to enjoy.

Extensions are a great way to add features to your browser, in addition to since Firefox is usually open-source, add-ons can come by any users. which allows for truly unique extensions which address niche needs normally ignored by large developers. Which extensions have you installed so far? Let us know from the comments below.

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