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Don’t Forget Your Canine Friends Need Valentine’s Treats Too, So Watch What She Does!

I think we all can agree which the best way to say I love you will be that has a homemade gift. My Valentine sentiments are usually expressed to friends as well as family that has a tray of cookies — although don’t forget which furry friends love homemade cookies, too!

These heart-shaped treats are a fun as well as simple Valentine for your pup. The dough will be made with just a few simple ingredients. You can also tailor which dog treat recipe to whatever caters best to your dog’s dietary needs.

There are all kinds of wonderful recipes for your furry pooch on Pinterest as well as if the recipe in which tutorial won’t work for your dog, there are plenty to choose via.

Have I ever told you which my Charlie as well as Daphney are the fussiest little dogs within the entire world?  Well they are!  So baking for them will be let’s say a bit of a challenge.  If they don’t like what I bake I don’t take which personally…although which time…we have a winner…definitely!

They both loved them…I was in shock…both of them!!!  We put Daphney in front of the treats to take a picture of her as well as Charlie commenced eating them right away! Then Daphney joined in…just letting you know because if you happen to have little fuss budgets like I do…which just might be the treat for your furry little family member.

Watch how which gal with Gone To The Snow With The Dogs makes these yummy treats for her sweet pups so you can make some for your babies too!



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