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Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts currently Run Even After You Close Your Browser


Some websites have found using a simple yet effective technique to keep their cryptocurrency mining javascript secretly running from the background even when you close your web browser.

Due to the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, hackers in addition to also even legitimate website administrators are increasingly using JavaScript-based cryptocurrency miners to monetize by levying the CPU power of their visitor’s PC to mine Bitcoin or various other cryptocurrencies.

After the earth’s most well-known torrent download website, The Pirate Bay, caught secretly using Coinhive, a browser-based cryptocurrency miner service, on its site last month, thousands of various other websites also commenced using the service as an alternative monetization style to banner ads.

However, websites using such crypto-miner services can mine cryptocurrencies as long as you’re on their site. Once you close the browser window, they lost access to your processor in addition to also associated resources, which eventually stops mining.

Unfortunately, This specific is actually not the case anymore.

Security researchers through anti-malware provider Malwarebytes have found in which some websites have discovered a clever trick to keep their cryptocurrency mining software running from the background even when you have closed the offending browser window.

How Does This specific Browser Technique Work?

According to a blog post published Wednesday morning by Malwarebytes, the fresh technique works by opening a hidden pop-under browser window in which fits behind the taskbar in addition to also hides behind the clock on your Microsoft’s Windows computer.

through there (hidden through your view), the website runs the crypto-miner code in which indefinitely generates cryptocurrency for the person controlling the site while eating up CPU cycles in addition to also power through your computer until in addition to also unless you notice the window in addition to also close the idea.


Researchers say This specific technique is actually a lot harder to identify in addition to also able to bypass most ad-blockers because of how cleverly the idea hides itself. The crypto-miner runs through a crypto-mining engine hosted by Amazon Web Servers.

“This specific type of pop-under is actually designed to bypass adblockers in addition to also is actually a lot harder to identify because of how cleverly the idea hides itself,” Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes’ Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst, says from the post. “Closing the browser using the “X” is actually no longer sufficient.”

To keep itself unidentified, the code running from the hidden browser always takes care of the maximum CPU usage in addition to also maintains threshold to a medium level.

You can also have a look at the animated GIF image in which shows how This specific clever trick works.

This specific technique works on the latest type of Google’s Chrome web browser running on the most recent versions of Microsoft’s Windows 7 in addition to also Windows 10.

How to Block Hidden Cryptocurrency Miners

If you suspect your computer CPU is actually running a little harder than usual, just look for any browser windows from the taskbar. If you find any browser icon there, your computer is actually running a crypto-miner. currently simply, kill the idea.

More technical users can run Task Manager on their computer to ensure there is actually no remnant running browser processes in addition to also terminate them.

Since web browsers themselves currently are not blocking cryptocurrency miners neither does the integrated Windows Defender antivirus software, you can use antivirus programs in which automatically block cryptocurrency miners on web pages you visit.

with This specific, you can contact your antivirus provider to check if they do.

Alternatively, you can make use of web browser extensions, like No Coin, in which automatically block in-browser cryptocurrency miners for you, in addition to also regularly update themselves with fresh mining scripts in which come out.

Created by developer Rafael Keramidas, No Coin is actually an open source extension in which blocks Coin Hive in addition to also various other similar cryptocurrency miners in addition to also is actually available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, in addition to also Opera.

No Coin currently does not support Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, in addition to also Internet Explorer. So, those using one of these browsers can use an antimalware program in which blocks cryptocurrency miners.

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