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British Hacker ‘Lauri Love’ will not be extradited to US, Court Rules


British citizen as well as hacker Lauri Love, who was accused of hacking into United States government websites, will not be extradited to stand trial from the U.S., the High Court of England as well as Wales ruled today.

Love, 33, is actually facing a 99-year prison sentence from the United States for allegedly carrying out series of cyber attacks against the FBI, US Army, US Missile Defence Agency, National Aeronautics as well as Space Administration (NASA), as well as completely new York’s Federal Reserve Bank between 2012 as well as 2013.

The High Court ruled Monday that will Love should be tried in U.K. after Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett of Maldon as well as Justice Ouseley heard he suffered severe mental illness like Asperger syndrome, eczema, asthma, as well as depression, as well as may kill himself if extradited.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London in late 2016, District Judge Nina Tempia ordered Love to be extradited to the U.S. to stand trial, although his lawyers appealed the decision, arguing that will he should be tried for his alleged crimes from the UK.

The court accepted both of the arguments advanced by Love’s lawyers as well as ruled that will extradition might be “oppressive” due to his serious health conditions as well as that will might be likely that will he might be kept in solitary confinement from the American prison system if extradited.

The court burst in applause as well as cheering when the judgment was handed down by Lord Burnett, who asked Love supporters to be quiet, saying “This particular is actually a court, not a theatre.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which acts on behalf of the US authorities, said that will might read the judgment before deciding whether to appeal the high court decision to the supreme court.

According to US Prosecutors, Love was allegedly involved in #OpLastResort, an online protest linked with the Anonymous collective following the persecution as well as untimely death of hacktivist Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide in 2013 while under federal charges for data theft.

Love, who lives near Newmarket, was arrested via his home in Stradishall, England in October 2013, when the British police seized his encrypted laptops as well as hard drives.

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) also asked the courts to force Love to turn over keys to decrypt his encrypted computer’s hard drives, yet Love won the case against the agency in early 2016.

If extradited to the United States as well as found guilty, Love could have sentenced to up to 99 years in prison as well as a potential fine of up to $9 million (£6.3 million).

Speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Love expressed his thanks to the judges as well as said: “I’m thankful for all the support we’ve had, without which I’m not sure I might have made that will This particular far.”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is actually also fighting US extradition, congratulate Love in a Tweet, saying: “VICTORY: @LauriLove wins UK appeal against US extradition. Congratulations to Lauri, his lawyers & family, @CourageFound as well as many supporters on an excellent campaign.”

Right currently, that will is actually not clear if Love, who denies all wrongdoings, might face a prison sentence from the UK following his several years of legal battle.

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