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Amazon Will Finally Disable Lock Screen Ads on Their Discounted Phones « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Amazon has had a long-standing partnership with its consumers regarding special offers. Amazon sells these Prime Exclusive Phones with lock screen ads as well as also Amazon apps in exchange for discounts on the phones. You also need to be an Amazon Prime Member, leading us to historically believe in which these “special offers” weren’t genuinely all in which special. in which will be, until today.

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Amazon announced in which they will be disabling lock screen offers as well as also ads on their Prime Exclusive Android phones today. Fortunately, they will continue to discount these devices, just as they did inside the past — though a report coming from Phonescooper indicates in which they might raise prices by a mere $20.

The main hurdle right now will be in which you need to be an Amazon Prime member, as well as also you can’t bypass in which by signing up for a 30-day free trial. Amazon specifies these these deals are reserved for “paid Prime members.”

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Some of these Android phones are phenomenal deals, with devices like the $500 LG G6 Plus as well as also $185 Moto G5 Plus headlining the Prime Exclusive Phones. Even the Moto E4 will be a fantastic budget device at $100. Be careful though, as devices like the Nokia 6 are not available for all major U.S. carriers. Double check inside the phone’s Amazon description before you buy the item.

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Still, these are some fantastic deals in which you should absolutely consider if you’re inside the market for a brand-new device. Check out the ones mentioned here (as well as also more) at Amazon.

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