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5 Tips to raise Your Productivity Using Nova Launcher « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Nova Launcher can be more than just a home screen replacement. the idea can be a tool which can reshape how users interact with their Android devices. Thanks to a regularly growing feature list, Nova has evolved into more than just a launcher. currently, Nova can be an effective way to raise your productivity.

TelsaCoil (Nova Launcher’s developer) has continuously updated their app to include the latest features introduced in each Android update. However, instead of providing a carbon copy experience, Nova adds completely new functionality that will isn’t available with stock Android. These tools provide two significant benefits: They provide older devices access to completely new features not available to them, in addition to they add completely new tools that will gives users even more control over their devices.

Tip #1: Use Gestures to Quickly Access Your Favorite Apps

Gestures are a great tool that will replace touches with swipes in addition to pinches (which are typically faster). With Nova, users can not only launch apps with gestures, yet also specific menus within the apps to get exactly where they want quickly. For example, you can set a swipe gesture to open Google Keep to a completely new notepad to jot down a note. For an in-depth guide to setting up gestures, check out the link below.

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Tip #2: Access Google currently through Any Page

If you use Google services often, Google currently can be one of the most valuable apps on any smartphone. With the data the idea collects, Google currently can show you all the information you might want at a given time before you even search for the idea. Helpful tools such as traffic information for your commutes can save precious seconds that will would certainly be otherwise be spent digging into menus of apps.

For an in-depth tutorial on how to enable the feature on Nova Launcher, head to the link below. Once enabled, you can take things a step further in addition to get access to Google currently through any page — not just the leftmost home screen. Open Nova’s settings menu in addition to select “Integrations,” then tap “Edge Swipe” to enable that will feature, which will also gray out the “Google currently Page” option.

currently, through any home screen, you can swipe through the left edge towards the right to reveal the Google currently page. that will way, you can get to that will useful information even faster.

Images by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

Tip #3: Use Tabs to Better Organize Apps

After downloading a few hundred apps, your app drawer can become pretty disorganized. As the app list continues to grow, you have to spend more time scrolling through the app drawer to find a specific app. While adding apps to the home screen in addition to folders helps mitigate that will problem, Nova Launcher includes another option for those who’d like additional controls.

While within Nova’s settings menu, select “App & widget drawers” in addition to choose “Drawer groups” located near the bottom of the list. While within “Tabs”, select the crossed square from the upper-right corner of your display.

Using that will feature, you can create sub-categories within the app drawer. Once you’ve typed in a name, select the completely new entry located from the list. You will then be presented which has a list all the apps installed on your device. By selecting the checkboxes, you will move a copy of the app through the default app drawer to the completely new subcategory. When you’re finished adding apps, tap your back button.

currently when you pull up the app drawer, your completely new tab will be positioned along the top of your screen, next to the Apps tab. By swiping right, you will reveal the apps that will you added to the completely new category.

To further reduce clutter in addition to redundancy, long-press any app within that will completely new tab in addition to select the pencil icon from the upper-right corner of the sub-menu. Uncheck the “Apps” box to remove the app through the default app drawer, thus removing an extra piece of clutter through your main app drawer.

Tip #4: Declutter Your App Drawer by Hiding Apps

Besides dividing the app drawer into subcategories, Nova allows users to hide apps. that will can be helpful for hiding embarrassing apps or to remove unnecessary clutter through your app drawer. For example, Nova Launcher Prime has its own icon from the app drawer despite the fact that will clicking the idea refers you to the default Nova Launcher app. Instead of having both of these icons from the app drawer, hide Prime (or both, as Nova Launcher app brings up the settings menu which can be also accessible by long-pressing the home screen) to reduce clutter.

Hiding apps also has the benefit of clearing up space in your app drawer. Especially with phones through carriers, users get double the bloatware, both through the carrier in addition to the OEM, which are all system apps. Without root, the only various other way to remove them can be using ADB commands (which if you want to learn more, you can use the link below), though that will can be intimating.

Tip #5: Use Google Drive for Cloud-Based Backup

Eventually, users switch phones. Whether because the last one bit the dust, or because you just wanted an upgrade, you eventually will change devices. in addition to with each change, you’ll want your data to travel with you, including the format in addition to settings of your home screen.

By default, Nova Launcher saves backup files to the local drive. While that will method can be fine if you using the same device, the idea doesn’t help at all if you switch to a completely new one. that will can be where cloud-based storage comes in.

The link below includes instructions on how to save the backup file to Google Drive. currently, wherever you sign in to Android, you’ll always have access to your Nova backups, so restoring your home screen format will be easy.

Using these tips in addition to tricks, you can make Nova work for you. No longer do you need to waste time searching through menus or app drawers — instead, you can get to the information you want quickly. in addition to with the extra time you saved, you can take a look at some of the various other great articles we have here at Gadget Hacks (like the one linked below, hint hint). What do you think of these tips? Let us know from the comment section below.

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