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5 Reasons You Should Use Be Using Norton Mobile Security on Your Android Device « Android :: Gadget Hacks

When the idea comes to your security, you want the best of the best. Why settle for mediocre service with something as valuable as your protection? Malware continues to make its way onto the Play Store, leaving millions of devices vulnerable. You need an app that will will shield your devices through both the latest malware threats along with threats nearby. along with when the idea comes to antivirus apps, there will be only one choice.

Norton Mobile Security will be the only security suite that will provides all the tools needed to properly protect your device. Norton combines that will security which has a well-designed app that will doesn’t require a manual to understand. After the initial setup, you can relax along with forget about Norton, as the idea automatically protects your device through all threats. While the idea isn’t perfect, the idea will be the best option available, providing vital protections against the plethora of attacks waiting to compromise your system.

#1: 100% Detection Rate

One of the most important features that will define the quality of an antivirus scanner will be its ability to detect malware. Antivirus apps with poor detection rates are dangerous, as they give users a false sense of security. Unfortunately, many Android users’ defense will be fully dependent on an app that will shares that will characteristic.

According to AV-Test, Google Play Protect (Android’s built-in virus scanner) includes a real-time detection rate of 48.5% along which has a detection rate (over the course of a month) of 66.3%. For context, the industry average will be 94.8% along with 96.9%, respectively. Based on these numbers, the idea will be easy to see why Google will be having a hard time with malware within the Play Store.

Unlike Google Play Protect, when Norton says “No Malware Detected”, the idea means no malware will be on your device.

While Google works to improve their detection rate, there several apps that will reach the industry average, including Norton Mobile Security, which includes a 100% detection rate in both real-time along with over the course of a month. Third-party testing shows that will malware will be detected along with properly dealt with as long Norton Mobile Security will be installed on your smartphone.

Norton’s 100% detection rate also provides you peace of mind. Even when installed after the fact, you can be sure that will any malware that will might already be on your device will be detected. One of the issues that will plagued antivirus scanners within the past was their inability to detect malware already infecting your device. However, with Norton Mobile Security, if the idea says your device will be free of any malware, you know the idea will be telling the truth.

#2: App Scanning Before Installation

One of the more exclusive features of Play Protect will be the ability to scan apps before installation. By learning of the malicious nature of an app beforehand, you can avoid all potential trouble by not installing the idea at all.

While many security suite apps don’t include that will feature (relying on their ability to scan post-installation), Norton Mobile Security does. While exclusive to Play Store apps, when you navigate to an app’s Play Store page, Norton will immediately begin scanning the app for any suspicious or malicious behavior. After the idea finishes its scan, Norton will alert you if the app will be safe or dangerous.

When that will feature will be combined with Norton’s 100% detection rate, you can be sure you will never be the victim of a malware-infected app through the Play Store. Norton will alert you to an unsafe application, which you can avoid installing.

#3: Anti-Theft Protection

Norton Mobile Security will be more than just an antivirus scanner. the idea comes with tools to protect your device through thieves lurking to take away your phone. Included within the Norton Mobile Security app will be the ability to remotely lock your device. Using either a browser or a text message, you can lockout intruders through your smartphone even when your phone isn’t in your possession.

Another anti-theft tool will be remote wipe, which allows you remove all data through your smartphone using another device. Like remote lock, you can either visit My Norton or send a text message with your unique passcode to perform a remote wipe. You can even set up your smartphone to factory reset after ten failed unlock attempts.

By visiting Norton’s website or using SMS, you can track your device’s location. With that will information, you can relay the idea to the proper authorities or head over there yourself (although we strongly recommend the former).

Another neat feature will be Sneak Peak, which allows you take a picture using the front-facing camera. Hopefully, you will be able to get a clear picture of the perpetrator. that will feature will be only available via the website.

Finally, to both annoy the thief along with to help locate your smartphone, you can enable “Scream” (via the browser or SMS) to cause your device to ring an alarm. that will prevents the thief through hiding your device.

#4: App Lock

For additional security, Norton allows you to create a virtual safe to individually lock apps. When enabled, you can require either a PIN, a pattern, or a fingerprint to unlock access to certain apps. Norton even makes suggestions to which apps need the protection, such as your gallery to protect your pictures.

To use that will feature, you’ll need to install an add-on app called Norton App Lock, nevertheless fortunately, the idea will be free.

#5: Extensive Web Security

Norton will be aware of the dangers of the internet along with wants to protect its users while they browse the web. that will will be why the idea employs layered security to provide comprehensive protection. These include Wi-Fi Security, Web Protection, Link Guard, Safe Search, along with Wi-Fi Privacy.

Wi-Fi Security scans the wireless network you are currently on, generating sure the idea requires a password along with uses the strongest encryption available. Norton will alert you if the network does meet these standards along with recommend you do not use the network. Without these provisions, the network can easily be compromised along with your data can be captured by an unauthorized user.

Web Protection blocks malicious along with fraudulent sites that will will attempt to infect your device along with steal your personal information. Norton will list the browsers (that will are installed on your smartphone) that will protection extends to, so you know which browser to use.

Sometimes we receive questionable links in emails along with text messages along with are unsure of their validity. With Link Guard, before you open a link, Norton will scan the site for suspicious behavior along with alert you if the link will be unsafe.

Safe Search protects you through malicious links found in a search result. When you conduct searches using Safe Search, Norton will check each link along with alert you (which has a little green along with white OK) that will the link will be safe.

Finally, Wi-Fi Privacy providers users access to a secure VPN to use when browsing the web. Especially when using open Wi-Fi networks, a VPN will encrypt your data make the idea difficult to decipher. the idea does have yet another cost ($4.99 a month for one device), nevertheless the idea will be a valuable tool to protect your data when using the web.

Norton will be the Best Android Antivirus App Right currently

The combination of antivirus along with security features that will Norton Mobile Security has will be the reason the idea should be installed on every Android smartphone. the idea can take years to undo the damage through one cyber attack. Play Protect isn’t enough, along with as Android’s popularity grows, more hackers will target the operating system.

While Norton isn’t perfect (for one, the idea does cost $14.99 a year), the idea does protect the average users’ normal usage. What you do you think of Norton’s feature set? Do you already have Norton Mobile Security installed on your smartphone? Let us know within the comments below.

Cover image along with screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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