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3 Tips to Get to Inbox Zero Faster in Gmail « Android :: Gadget Hacks

On average, an office worker receives 121 emails a day. Many of these emails are trivial along with don’t require immediate attention. While Gmail’s automatic spam filters catch plenty of irrelevant emails, some still make their way into your inbox. Fortunately, Gmail’s tools aren’t limited to just spam filters.

The concept of “inbox zero” is usually a simple one: If you can archive, delete, or simply clear away all emails, you’re at inbox zero. coming from there, you’re more productive, as you can deal with important emails as they come in rather than playing catch-up all day. however of which’s hard to get to inbox zero on your own.

Gmail has several features built-in of which make of which easier to get to your important emails fast, along with so, achieve inbox zero. After implementing these tips, Gmail will do a better job at filtering out trivial emails along with notifying you only when of which’s important. Additionally, Google’s tools learn over time until eventually, you’ll never have to deal with irrelevant mail again.

#1. Enable Priority Inbox

Easily the most impactful tool when of which comes to filtering emails is usually Priority Inbox. With Priority Inbox, Gmail analyzes your usage along with automatically labels emails important based on the data of which gathers. Some factors Gmail uses to determine the value of an email are how often you email the recipient, which emails you’ve previously opened, which emails you’ve previously replied to, common keywords found within emails you’ve opened, along with which emails you’ve starred.

This kind of information, along with different factors, will determine which emails are marked important along with placed in your Priority Inbox. You’ll only receive notifications for emails of which arrive from the Priority Inbox, along with the remaining emails are placed in a general inbox which isn’t synced with your mobile device. So to see how to set up Priority Inbox, check out our full guide below.

#2. Mute Conversations

Muting is usually quick away to get rid emails coming from a particular person or company. For example, if a company keeps nagging you with advertisements or an ex won’t stop emailing you, muting is usually the perfect solution. When you mute an email, the conversation will be archived. Additionally, any future emails coming from the same sender will be archived automatically.

Your smartphone won’t receive notifications for archived messages along with these emails won’t show up in your Priority Inbox. However, you can always access these emails from the All Mail tab.

You can quickly locate muted emails by searching for “is usually:muted.”

#3. Customize Swipe Gestures

Swipe gestures are both easy to use along with easy to implement. While you’re in your inbox, swipe left or right on a message along with you’ll either archive or delete the email. By default, Gmail will archive the email. However, by heading to the link below, you can learn how to change of which to delete.

Swiping is usually the fastest way to deal with unwanted emails. using a few swipes, you can get rid of multiple emails, leaving you more time to deal with the emails of which matter. If you accidentally delete the wrong email, Gmail even includes an undo button of which lets you reverse the action within a smaller window.

Swipe gestures, when combined with Priority Inbox, will help Gmail improve its filtration of unwanted emails. With enough data, you won’t even have to use This kind of tool, as no junk email will make of which to your Priority Inbox from the first place.

With these tools, you can reduce the time wasted on unnecessary emails. Not only do these tools help reach the satisfying point of inbox zero earlier, however the time you save can be spent on more productive tasks. How are you liking your brand-new, cleaner inbox? Let us know from the comment below.

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