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10 Razer Phone Features & Settings You Need to Know About « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Razer just released their first flagship Android smartphone, appropriately named the Razer Phone. While mobile gaming fans are sure to enjoy the Razer Phone, the buttery-smooth 120 Hz display makes This specific an appealing option for anyone inside market for a fresh phone. If you’ve just picked up the Razer Phone or the idea’s piqued your interest, here are ten awesome tips to hit the ground running.

Whether you’re an expert on Android or a newcomer, each fresh phone brings some unique features which require a bit of tweaking. We’re going to take a look at a few old favorites, in addition to the fresh display as well as gaming features which are specific to the Razer Phone.

1. Set Up Multiple Fingerprints

The Razer Phone is usually unique with its side-mounted fingerprint sensor. This specific non-standard placement leads to a decision about which fingers to use with the scanner. The thumb is usually an obvious choice for right-handed users, nevertheless which some other fingers should you try?

We’ve found which setting up the left index finger is usually very helpful. When picking up the phone with your left hand, the left index finger naturally drapes over the left edge of the phone, almost resting perfectly on the scanner.

2. Choose Your Display Refresh Rate

Most Android phones ship using a native 60 Hz refresh rate for the display. Razer kicked things up a notch by offering the first 120 Hz display on a smartphone. Unfortunately, the Razer Phone doesn’t ship with the 120 Hz refresh rate enabled out of the box. The default refresh rate is usually set to 90 Hz, so you’ll need to change This specific if you want to enjoy epic smoothness.

To change the refresh rate, head to Settings –> Display –> Refresh Rate. You can ramp the rate up to 120 or bump the idea down for 60 if you want to save a bit of battery life. In our use thus far, there isn’t much to suggest which running at 120 Hz significantly degrades battery life, so we recommend choosing 120 Hz here to get the full benefit of your display.

3. Enable Double Tap to Wake & Ambient Display

One of the best ways to interact with your lock screen notifications is usually through the use of double tap gestures or ambient display functionality. The Razer Phone features both of these options. You can choose to enable one, or both! Simply head to Settings –> Display as well as toggle on “Ambient Display” as well as “Tap to wake.”

4. Create a Custom Schedule for Night Light

Night Light is usually an excellent feature for preserving your eyes when reading content coming from your phone at night. The blue light emitted by a smartphone display can disrupt your circadian rhythm by tricking your brain into thinking the idea’s still daytime. To mitigate This specific problem, Night Light allows you to reduce the blue light emitted, producing the effect of a more yellow hue on your display.

The Razer Phone allows you to customize both the schedule for Night Light as well as the colour temperature which the display will switch to at night. To set up your custom Night Light, head to Settings –> Display –> Night Light. Next, tap on “Turn On Automatically” as well as choose “Custom Schedule.” This specific will allow you to specify when the feature is usually enabled. If you’d also like a custom colour temperature, tap on “colour Profiles” to test out the available options.

5. Customize Game Booster Settings

Gaming is usually definitely front as well as center on the Razer Phone, so naturally, you would likely expect a few options to customize your gaming experience. Head to Settings –> Game Booster to get started off.

coming from here, you have a few options. If you would likely like to fine tune your gaming settings for each individual game, you can do This specific with custom profiles. This specific option allows you to set a custom CPU speed, frame rate, as well as resolution for each game. Razer even included a convenient slider in each menu to let users choose whether performance or battery life is usually most important in their gaming session.

If performance is usually your main concern all the time, you can also turn all specs to the maximum by choosing “Performance” coming from the options at the top menu.

6. Get a Custom Wallpaper

A fresh wallpaper is usually almost like having a fresh phone, so you’ll definitely want to slap something slick on your fresh Razer. Two of our favorite wallpaper apps are Backdrops as well as Wallzy. Both of these apps offer free as well as paid options, using a large number of wallpapers to suit all tastes. Perhaps the best part is usually which both offer minimal wallpapers which will fit with any customization scheme or icon pack you choose.

7. Grab a Custom Icon Pack

The Razer Phone ships with Nova Launcher Prime out of the box, one of the premiere third-party launchers available on the Play Store. This specific allows an incredible amount of customization for your desktop, dock, as well as app drawer. When we fire up Nova on our phones, the first stop is usually always a shiny custom icon pack.

There are a plethora of great icon packs on the Play Store, nevertheless two of our current favorites are Pix Up as well as Minimalist. Both packs offer several themed icons as well as excellent minimal wallpapers to compliment them as well. To apply your custom icon pack, simply head to Nova Launcher’s settings by long-pressing any empty space on your home screen as well as choosing “Settings.” coming from there, just tap on “Look & Feel,” then select “Icon Theme.”

8. Choose a Desktop Grid Size in Nova Launcher

In addition to the custom icon pack, Nova also affords the option to customize your desktop grid to fit your needs. If you like to cram a ton of icons on your first page, you can today do so! Minimalist designs can also be achieved with smaller grid sizes.

Yet again, head to Nova’s settings menu, nevertheless This specific time select “Desktop grid.” coming from here, you can customize the number of rows as well as columns in your grid. The maximum number of apps on the desktop is usually 144 (12 x 12 grid), nevertheless which should be plenty for anyone.

9. Turn on Notification Dots or Badges in Nova Launcher

Interacting with notifications is usually another area where Nova comes in handy. Notifications badges come standard in Nova, whereas many Android OEMs choose to omit them. If you like the look of the fresh notification dots in Android Oreo, you can even enable This specific feature on your Razer phone!

Return back to Nova’s settings, tap on “Notification Badges,” then “Choose a style.” The three available options are Dynamic Badges, Dots, or Numeric Badges. If you want contextual information on your notifications, Dynamic Badges is usually a solid choice, nevertheless we like the aesthetic simplicity of Dots. After choosing your style, you can also tweak the size as well as position of the badge.

10. Customize Night Mode in Nova Launcher

If you like dark themes in apps, you’ll love Nova’s Night Mode feature. With Night Mode, you can get a dark background for your Nova Launcher settings, app drawer, drawer icon, as well as even the search bar! There is usually an option to set up Night Mode on a custom schedule (similar to Night Light), or leave the idea on all the time. We have chosen to enable the feature all the time because the idea looks so sweet with the Razer-green accent colour.

To access Night Mode, head back to Nova’s settings menu, tap on “Night Mode”, as well as choose your settings. the idea’s worth noting which if you’re using the default launcher style, the “Drawer icon” options won’t do anything, as the Pixel-style app drawer does not feature a drawer icon.

Those are our top ten tips for setting up your fresh Razer Phone fresh out of the box! With the numerous customization options afforded by Nova, you’ll never get bored with your daily setup. Let us know inside comments below if you have some other customization tips to share. Also, feel free to share your customized home screen setup with us!

Cover image as well as Screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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